Superserieus is an independent Creative Studio based in Antwerp, Belgium. We create, we design, we innovate. We are a hybrid between an advertising agency, a design studio and an innovation lab. We focus especially on creative concepts refined trough good design.

It's always about the people

Matthijs De Block
Art Director

Hi! I'm Matthijs, the founder of superserieus. I graduated as an Art Director and decided to put my own stamp on the world. I am in the first place and entrepeneur, an Art Director working with several creatives in my network. I also create autonomous projects, design books, websites and co-create with innovative companies. 

Jan Bormans

Jan bormans is our hero. He's specialised in startup culture, innovation, co-creation, creating epic networks. And oh yeah, he's also an engineer. Bormans advises us on the goals of superserieus. he also works with us on innovation clients.

Backed by talented freelancers

— Front End & Design

Martijn is a very experienced designer who helps superserieus get things done. 

— Designer

Sander likes to make beautifull logo's and user friendly website. He's also very serious.