How can we make people think about the future of drones?
Superserieus co-created an interactive wall, where visitors could draw, write and dream about the future of autonomic drones

I was commissioned by Kurt Van Belleghem to coördinate and co-create this project. The creation of this workshop took about 4 days of brainstorming, talking and co-creation. Our main question was “How do we encourage visitors to think about the possibilities of indoor drones in the future?” We created multiple layers so people felt challenged and got pushed into participating. It was also necessary to break up this project into different stages, so people understand how difficult it can be to use drones in our everyday lives. First, we created 5 overall themes to frame people’s thinking. Underneath each theme we placed a piece of paper so that people could draw or write down their ideas.

Then we created a timeline going from 2016 to 2050 where our participants could place their ideas on, choosing the year in which they think their idea could be realised. Finally, they could judge each other’s ideas by putting stickers on it. After the workshop, the participants walked over to our drone cafe, where autonomic drones served them drinks. Which is cool, because they already thought long and hard about using drones in ‘normal’ settings. Here, they could see a tangible result.

Client — Self Initiated
Made by — Matthijs De Block
Service — Self Initiated Concept & Design