Artbook Design
How can we tell the unique story of a photographer who didn't live anywhere for one year and shot 220 000 pictures?
How can we make 
a book that is compelling, tells a story and shows the quality of Maarten's photography? 
Client I Fools with Dreams
Industry I Creative
Designer I Matthijs De Block
A young photographer, Maarten Mellemans traveled trough Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Slovenia and the UK. While trading his photography skills for food and shelter. After one year of traveling, he decided to make a book out of it. But how could we design his 220 000 pictures and tons of stories into 1 compelling book? 
Concept & Design
Some headaches later we decided to start from the concept of a contact sheet. This way we could fit in 3.500 pictures. To make it edgier and more exciting to read, we left some spots blank. This works really well when you flip trough the 250 pages.

A second important element of this book is the story. Because the project is so unique it's important to tell the story of Maarten, the people he visited and show the struggles of such a project.

We opted for regular text columns in a short interview about the trades and designed a spread where Maarten puts his memoirs. The memoire pages break down  the repetitive character of the contact sheet-like design. 
To make sure this awesome book gets published, Maarten needs to fulfil his Kickstarter goal. Help him and be one of the first to get this amazing book in you hands. Oh yeah, did we say you also get some beatfiul prints? 
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