Airborne in Antwerp

How can we improve the connection between Antwerp airport, the city and the surrounding residents? How can we make sure the neighbours of the airport are included in the process?
Client I Antwerp Airport
Industry I Aircraft
Partners I
Sint Lucas Antwerp Axel Enthoven Born in Antwerp Pantopicon   
Curator I Axel Enthoven 
Coach  I Nik Baerten
Participants I Matthijs De Block, St Lucas Antwerp

Axel Enthoven (a famous Belgian product designer)
explains his vision for the project.
Antwerp airport is located in the heart of Antwerp. Their image is not what it should be. There is a lack of connection with surrounding residents although they are located in the center of the city. 

Born in Antwerp asked Axel Enthoven to think about this problem. Subsequently, Enthoven commissioned The Pop Up School, lead by superserieus and St Lucas Antwerp School of Arts, to tackle the problem.
First up: Research
One of the goals was to research if the rumors about
the residents complaints were true.
We split up into groups of 2-3 and interviewed
the neighbourhoods around the airport.


Do you want to know more about our research and brainstorming process? 
next up: brainstorm & maquette
After spitting ideas in the blistering heat, 
It's time for the prototype. The goal here is
to present our ideas in the most meaningful
and simple way.


We put together some great ideas about
the connection between the airport and
the residents:

Pimbygrid A futuristic smart grid for residents
Spottershotel An exclusive airport hotel
The A-Connector An epic 'red carpet' to the airport
Aeroplay Talent Film Festival at Antwerp Airport
The Square Neighbourhood shops to fuel the community

An exclusive treehouse with a view on the
runway. The exclusive hotel is combined
with a free viewing platform. 

This idea came out of the knowledge that
surrounding residents like to watch the planes
go by. But, they didn't have a good spot,
wich was a pity. By creating the hotel,
we give restore the connection between
the residents and the airport ànd create a
hot tourist spot.

Only for residents! The idea of making
an Antwerp Airport Smart Energy Grid
is one of the most futuristic ones we had.
The benefits are imense. Resident an
lower their energy inovice by using
the smart solar grid of Antwerp Airport.

The A-Connector
We invented the A-Connector,
a 5km road (painted red) from the center
of the city to the airport. The road must
become a hotspot for pop up shops,
and will feature a exclusive luggage service. 

An important part of reviving Antwerp Aiport is
involving the residents. We found a perfect spot
to host film evenings for young talent.
'Antwerp Young Talent Festival 2018' will
be hosted by Antwerp Airport and will implement
activities hosted by neighbors.

The Square
The residents have no problem with the airport
being there but would like to have space
to walk and chill. 

So we want to turn the unused parking in front
of the airport into a big square where surrounding
residents can shop, discover new things,
get to know each other and just relax.
Right next to the airport, who could image that?

Presentation & Follow up

We presented our ideas to the marketing manager
of Antwerp Airport and the coördinator of
Born in Antwerp. They were both very excited
and are making sure some of these lovely ideas
will be implemented!
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