Futuristic drone participation

How can we make visitors imagine drones in their daily lives?

Client I TU Eindhoven Industry I Tech
Partners I Sint Lucas Antwerp - Cornelis Serveert 
Coaches I Veerle Devreese - Sophie Van Rijswijk
Participants I TBA
The interactive wall
The international Blue Jay Team of TU Eindhoven sees the future. They build a autonomic drone that can fly indoors. Why? So they, in the long term can be an assistent for humans. 

To present their idea to the world, they made up a drone cafe where drones can serve drinks to the people. The only problem was that they had to communicate their futuristic vision to the public. 
First up: Brainstorm
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Next up: Idea Renderings
After some epic ideas and inspirational talks
we decided it is important to make a connection
with the visitor. That's why we invented a
wall where people could imagine their future with drones.
We implemented a big wall in the beginning of the drone cafe. We chose 6 relevant themes and sorted them with pieces of paper. 

On the wall we drew a timeline from today until 2050. Then we encouraged people to draw or write how they think the future would look like. By having to place it on a timeline, an extra layer of thinking was needed. 

As a final interaction tool, we made some 'like stickers' so that people could comment on other drawings. 

The wall was a big succes.
People picking a theme
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