About the Studio

Superserieus is an Antwerp based interactive studio founded and run by Matthijs De Block. In 2015 he founded the studio together with Tess Tettelin. 

I am very serious about our projects, superserious to be honest. I love human interaction and that's why this is superserieus's main focus. I always start with a good question in collaboration with you (the client). If the core question is not what it should be, the project can go in the wrong direction. And goals are important, we like good goals! 

So what do you need? You can ask me to create any concept, as long it involves human interaction, still enough space for creativity, don't you think? You can also ask me to design digital experiences but you can't ask me not to be critical about the starting point/concept. So it's better to let me be involved from the start! 

If you are more the type (or company) that needs internal brainstorms, you can go to my other business — kunigi.be. 

We already helped

Accenture , Start it @KBC, TU Eindhoven, Antwerp Airport, The Blue Jay Team, Opwaarderen.nl, Arté, STORY

Contact Superserieus

Email — matthijs@superserieus.be
Phone — +32 499 33 01 36

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It's Always about the people

Most projects at superserieus are coördinated and created by Matthijs De Block. Because he believes in the power of co-creation, he uses as many brains as possible in every project. Collaboration is an important key to succesful projects.

Superserieus has already collaborated with

Studio Skroll, Undefined, Jan Bormans, Kunigi, Tess Tettelin, Petra Sell, Gravual, Dries Depoorter, David Surpenant, Oekie Segers, Mellon

I want to thank especially Jan Bormans, who has supported me through the evolution of this studio, mentored me and asked me to build an epic second company kunigi.be