About the Studio

Superserieus is an Antwerp based interactive studio founded and run by Matthijs De Block. 

My 'aha erlebenis' happened when I was watching 'Chef's Table' on Netflix. It took me a few months but as I was searching for the thing that I love the most, I looked back to my childhood and remembered that I was always making things. When I played with lego, I created new things. When I was playing outside, I made tree houses brick by brick (it was with wood to be honest). Even when I had to make something in 4th grade, I made a car that could turn its wheels horizontal and drive into a parking spot.

All those puzzles fell into place when my mind was at rest, watching a netflix series about a chef that created an edible balloon for it's customers. I knew it. I have to create amazing things out of thin air. 

After this aha moment it was taking some glue and putting things together. I love the future, I love technology and I am really interested in how human psychology works. I believe that interaction between humans is one of the most valuable and intrinsic things that a person needs. So that led me to rebrand superserieus into the creative, interactive studio it always needed to be.  It took me three years to get to the point where I am now but I don't regret it for a second. I evolved into a hard-working, life loving entrepreneur who still has the drive to change the world.

Want to work together? Contact me at matthijs@superserieus.be

Our values

It's important to me to strive for the things I believe in and to try to follow that vision in my client work. 

Creativity is the holy grail, doing things differently gives me energy. That's the place where you want me to be because then I will do everything to make a project work.

Why is it good for your brand to do things differently? Because surprise generates revenue. Bold statement, I know. But it is surprise that makes people click and if they don't buy now, they will tell someone about their experience and that will in turn lead to revenue. 

Interaction is the core of being human. 
People love people, they love to look, touch and talk to each other. I want to generate more of these conversations, even a glance can make a difference. 

Doing good is better.
When the core of your business is something that fits a human need, it's easier to get people excited. I like to work with businesses who don't fool their customer but really believe that they can make a difference, in any way possible.

Reflection leads to perfection
I am not the person that will nod and execute every idea you come up with. Good ideas are scarce and as I want the best for your brand I will always tell you my honest opinion. I will not be rude, but be critical about the things you do and want to do. 

1 + 1 makes 3
At superserieus I will lead the projects, but I deeply believe in the power of many. Good ideas need to be shaped by different people with different fields of expertise. That's why I work with people I trust to execute every project to the best of mine and their abilities.

We already helped

Arté, Accenture , Start it @KBC, TU Eindhoven, Antwerp Airport, The Blue Jay Team, Opwaarderen.nl, IDFA, STORY

Contact Superserieus

Email — matthijs@superserieus.be
Phone — +32 499 33 01 36

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It's Always about the people

Most projects at superserieus are coördinated and created by me (Matthijs De Block). Because I believe in the power of co-creation, I use as many brains as possible in every project. Collaboration is an important key to successful projects.

Superserieus has already collaborated with

Studio Skroll, Undefined, Jan Bormans, Kunigi, Tess Tettelin, Petra Sell, Gravual, Dries Depoorter, David Surpenant, Oekie Segers, Mellon, Kunigi

I want to thank especially Jan Bormans, who has supported me through the evolution of this studio, mentored me and asked me to build an epic second company. kunigi.be